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Food Forest

Kwekerij Arborealis symbolizes the traditional and sustainable cultivation of trees and shrubs. 
The continuous search for sustainable cultivation ways and living is what the Food Forest concept is all about, which in turn fits perfectly into our main approach towards our nursery.

We have orientated ourselves towards the cultivation and supply of a broad and functional Food forest assortment, with this new concept we are pleased to be able to experiment with new species and reintroduced species. 

The production of edible delights is our main priority within our search.

The entire cultivation process takes place at out nursery. The entire process - from seedling or cutting to a sales worthy plant - receives our care and attention.

We are not lead or mislead by certain quality labels, but we are in a continuous search for the least aggravating cultivation methods for man and nature. This by simply looking into our broad and unique cultivation experiences network. The results being vital trees, shrubs and herbs and  a growing amount of regular customers.

The food forest species found on our website are - when given the appropriate habitat - proven winter hardy.

With the slightest patience, you'll be harvesting the most unusual or the more common but truly tasty fruits, shoots and nuts, all that within only a few years!

Get inspired and fall far the charms of the food forest just like we have.

Bon appétit!

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